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Gliding Patio Doors Design Features

Design Features


Advance Interlocking Seal Design





Retractable Screen
Engineered retractable screens are optional.
Conventional Gliding screens.

Weep Hole
Securing Plate
Bottom Wind Stopper
Adjustable Stainless Steel Tandem Rollers





  • Composite frames come standard in a smooth white.
  • Standard frames are 4-9/16". Also available option in 6-9/16"*.
  • Monorail track design to reduce friction.
  • Specially designed weep-hole system that allow water to drain away from the door while keeping dust and dirt out.
  • Superior weather stripping design offers excellent air/water tightness.




  • The polyurethane foam core is 100% CFC (*Chlorofluoocarbon) -free.
  • Door panels come standard with the smooth white.
  • Pre-finish wood grain is available by special order.
  • Full-length composite edging increase water and moisture protection.
  • The interlock has dual weather strips to seal the gap between panels.
  • Adjustable Stainless steel tandem rollers.
* Net Jamb dimensions are 5-3/4" and 7-3/4"
* A fluoocarbon containing chlorine. Chlorofluoocarbons are
   destructive to the Earth's ozone layer.
   For this reason, the production and use of chlorofluoocarbons
   has been sharply reduced in recent years.



Hardware & Glazing

  • Standard Lock systems are installed on 6’8”and 6’11”doors.
    (multi-point lock upgrade available)
  • The multi-point lock system installed standard on all 8'0" and all impact doors.
  • Retractable screens have been specially designed for Neuma Doors.
  • Handlesets with HPVD coating available only with Gold Brass or Satin Nickel.
  • HPVD Handleset is standard on all impact doors.

Standard Handleset
Gold Brass
Satin Nickel
Dark Brown
Straight Handleset (Exterior Option Only)

* not available with mini blind option.

* only available with a Satin Nickel finish.
















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